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What do we do?

NuMaps is a newly formed business that has a license to distribute Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Census 2006 data (Please note that Intellectual Property rights in the fundamental ABS data used by NuMaps is vested in the Commonwealth of Australia). NuMaps has developed the technology to enable anyone to connect to this data for their own analysis purposes. We do this by offering via the Internet standard and custom thematic map overlays that we call DemographicDrapes(TM). We call them DemographicDrapes because the not only depict any number of demographic themes based on ABS data but also are presented as a semi-translucent colour coded map that can be overlayed (drapped) over any digital base map. You will be able to either access this information from within your own GIS desktop package, any web mashup application or via our online viewer.

How do we do it?

You can access any DemographicDrapes(TM) from within a GIS package that supports the industry standard interface designed and promoted by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). You do not need to have this data cluttering up your own PCs, Servers and Network you can interact with it from within your own prefered computing environment. If you do not have GIS technology or skills then you can elect to use our own online drape viewer or you may even have internal web programming skills that are able to quickly develop GoogleMaps mashup applications. Either way, we offer these DemographicDrapes(TM) as web services for your convenience.

How can clients access these?

There are several free DemographicDrapes(TM) available through our drape viewer or alternatively you can subscribe to these DemographicDrapes(TM) in pre defined bundles. These are published, secure web service URLs that you can integrate inside your own environment. This includes desktop GIS and/or your own web mashups such as a GoogleMaps mashup. We also provide a legend URL which provides a visual explanation of the differnt colours shown on each drape. You can position this anywhere inside your web application. If you are having trouble you can take advantage of our incuded services.

What DemographicDrapes(TM) are available?

Currently, we are providing up to 10 DemographicDrapesTM per subscription bundle and extra drape subscriptions can be added at any time. These are available for Australia on a National basis and we are investigating the acquisition of data covering other countries. We have organised these bundles into themes such as

  • Population
  • Households
  • Ethnicity
  • Education
  • Families
  • Labour Force
  • Indigenous Population
  • Socio Econmomic Indices
Within a theme such as Population you will have access to both basic totals and densities (totals divided by the area to depict population concentrations). We also have a samples of these freely available via our online drape viewer. In addition, we can develop custom DemographicDrapes(TM) at affordable consulting rates.

What are our future plans?

We are always adding new DemographicDrapes(TM) to our library of DDrapes. These will include DDrapes aggregated to larger area features such as to postcodes, suburb, etc. We can also provide consulting services to design and build custom DDrapes. We also plan to provide an online DDrape builder application that will allow you to interactively develop your own DDrapes which you will be able to lodge with us to be added to our library or optionaly elect to keep this as a private, exclusive DDrape. We will also be providing a discovery mechanism to allow you to search for applicable DDrapes from our own library of resources as well as other web-published resources.


Please note that any customer and/or end user of NuMaps services does so at their own risk. NuMaps and ABS cannot be held liable in respect to any loss suffered by a customer and/or end user as a consequence arising out of that customer and/or end user's use of NuMaps services, or of any negligent or wilful misconduct by the customer and/or end user or any of its servants or agents.

You can enquire about our services and subscription plans by contacting NuMaps at We are intending to provide full online subscription services some time in the future.